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ARDMS licensing Examination Preparation

ARDMS is an important certification for any medical worker. At AIHST BD under the best faculty, we help you score well and receive certification under ARDMS. This  ARDMS preparation course is specialized for that purpose. In 1975, the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) was established with the goal of awarding credentials in medical sonography, diagnostic cardiac sonography, vascular technology, doctors’ vascular interpretation, musculoskeletal sonography, and midwifery ultrasonography. ARDMS certifies nearly 90,000 people in the United States, Canada, and around the world. They offer certifications, tools, and career counseling to medical sonography practitioners and students.

ARDMS accreditation simply proves to your patients, colleagues in healthcare, employers, and the medical institutions with whom you work that you are a devoted professional in Sonography. We developed our program to successfully pass the ARMDS exam so you can join the sonography specialists who want to achieve excellence in sonography. Certification establishes you as an expert in your industry and proves that you have the most up-to-date knowledge and abilities to give excellent treatment to your patients.

How to take ARDMS exam

You must first fulfill particular prerequisite/eligibility requirements in order to get your credential(s). After you’ve chosen a requirement, you may apply for a specialist examination under one of the several credentials provided on the ARDMS website.  You must complete the appropriate Sonography Principles & Instrumentation (SPI) Examination within five years of passing your specialty test to earn the RDMS, RDCS, and RVT credentials.

At AIHST, we teach you all about the ARDMS exam and how to ace it. Additionally, We do our best to turn you into an expert Sonographer.  Read the ARDMS testing methodology here ( and reviewed it.

ARDMS exam requirements

If you wish to apply for the sonography principles and instrumentation exam of ARDMS, you need to meet some of their prerequisites or requirements. You can either apply through their SPI Examination Requirement pathway or apply under a prerequisite. The general guideline dictates you must successfully complete a general, medical, sonographic physics class or a physics review course. You can also apply if you meet the requirements of their prerequisites, 1-5.

ARDMS Exam fees

For the sonography principles and instrumentation exam, ARDMS charges $225 USD. $100 is the processing fee, which is nonrefundable.

ARDMS Exam pass rates

When you acquire ARDMS accreditation, you represent the industry’s highest level. You convey a dedication to patient care and safety and improve your professional prospects along with increasing your visibility and reputation in the field. In this exam, 68% of those who are taking the exam for the first time, pass. Also, the overall pass rate is 60%.

ARDMS Exam fees

ARDMS exam questions

The SPI test for the RDMS, RDCS, RVT, and RMSKS credentials is two hours long. It  involves around 110 multiple-choice questions. To achieve the RDMS, RDCS, RVT, and RMSKS credentials, you must take the SPI test and pass within five years. Along with the specialist examination.

Imaging Principles and Instrumentation covers about 28% of the questions and Doppler Imaging Concepts cover 31% of the questions that you will face on the ARDMS exam for Sonography.

ARDMS Preparation Course

Our ARDMS Preparation Course in Bangladesh includes practice tests as well. Taking a practice test will help you prepare for the actual exam. SPIa and SPIb are online versions of the SPI Practice Test. It replicates the computer interface in the actual test center setting. The SPI practice exam review is 30 minutes long and consists of 30 sample questions.

In terms of difficulty and content coverage, the two separate versions are identical. You should know that even if you take any test multiple times, the questions will be the same.

After completing a practice exam, you will be issued a report detailing the number of questions you successfully answered.

ARDMS Exam Preparation

ARDMS Exam Schedule

You can retake the exams every five years. The retake policy of ARDMS refers to a five-year term. The five-year term begins on the day the first examination is passed and encompasses the remainder of that year as well as the next five years. For example, a candidate who passed the first ARDMS examination on June 9, 2012, must retake it by December 31, 2017.

Once your SPI application has been approved, you will be issued an Examination Confirmation Letter (ECL) to arrange an examination with Pearson VUE, ARDMS’ official testing vendor. You will have 90 days to plan and take your test.


With hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything. On top of that, you have our faculty’s interminable support. We’ll show you how to do everything.

Yes, certainly. There is no limit to how many times you can sit for the exam, but we’ll make sure you ace it on the first try!

You need to score at least 555 to pass the ARDMS exam.

A minimum of 3 months or more should be good enough for you to score high marks. Completing our ARDMS licensing Examination Preparation Course will get you ready.

Yes, ARDMS is recognized as an international standard certification in Ultrasonography. This certification can help you reach heights in the medical field.