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The medical Assistant Program can bring a bright future for you. AIHST BD works to build skills on Medical Assistant technician for USA, Canada, UK & middle east country.

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Medical Assistant Program in Bangladesh

With the Medical Assistant course at the American Institute of Health Science and Technology (AIHST), you can begin your new career as a dedicated healthcare professional, ready to move into freelance healthcare jobs, helping patients create positive experiences and specific clinical roles to hospital professions and represents a link between patients, insurance companies, service providers and specialists.

It gives you the opportunity to discover your potential in the medical field provides a crucial foundation for your success as a medical professional and provides an excellent starting point for your healthcare career. Visit, most likely, you will first interact with a treating doctor.

Medical Assistant within 12 weeks

Medical Assistant is an important role in the health care team, exercising a variety of clinical and administrative skills. Especially if you are pursuing a career that offers opportunities to work in the administrative, laboratory, and patient care areas of a doctor’s office. Before you see your doctor during a typical doctor’s visit, you’ll likely interact with an intern first by playing an important role on the healthcare team. AIHST Bangladesh offers the best medical assistant certification if you are looking for a career that offers work opportunities. In addition, the areas of administration, laboratory and patient care of a doctor’s office or clinic, healthcare could suit you.

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Benefits of becoming a Medical Assistant

You can jump-start your career quickly

Becoming a medical assistant is a quick journey from start to finish. Most programs last a year or less. Our Medical Assistance program lasts just 10 months, along with a 180-hour internship at an ambulatory health center to prepare you for on-site work. And start the race.

You’ll be in high demand

Getting a job isn't always easy, but as a medical assistant, you're in demand. In fact, medical assistant jobs are growing much faster than almost any other public health job. As baby boomers get older, they need better health. We're talking about 76.4 million people, or almost a third of the population of the United States, and almost all of them will be in the healthcare system. That's a big demand!

You can go anywhere

Some people find a lifelong career as a medical assistant; others use certification as a stepping stone to a longer career path. For example, careers in nursing, medical coding and related health administration might someday be of interest to you.

Medical Assistant Program BD

It pays great and it’s stable

There are advantages to working in a high-demand industry: It's a very stable career and salary growth is high. For example, the median salary for a physician assistant is currently $32,946 and ranges from $30,377 to $35,570. High demand for medical assistant jobs means that labor turnover is low. And the industry is largely sheltered from layoffs even when the economy is bad.

It’s fulfilling

Enjoy dealing with people! You want to be someone's light in their dark moments or just bring a smile to their day. If this describes you, you could make an excellent physician assistant. Physician assistants interact with people every day and provide valuable help. Support doctors and nurses in your area. Many jobs don't offer the opportunity to make a positive difference in people's lives, but medical assistants can go home knowing at the end of the day. It is meaningful work!

You’ll receive a broader education

Medical assistants work in a variety of work-situations or environments, for example hospitals, doctor’s offices, patient homes, outpatient facilities, surgical centers, and clinics. Medical assistant responsibilities include clinical tasks such as drawing blood and performing basic laboratory tests, as well as administrative tasks such as updating patient records, billing, and scheduling appointments. Above all, AIHST graduates are confident to work in all these clinical and administrative areas and more. If you like constantly evolving work, you will enjoy it.

It’s a licensed trade

Medical assistants must complete and pass the Certified Medical Assistant (AAMA) exam issued by the American Association of Medical Assistants. This license shows that you are a professional in your field, which inspires confidence. Collaborate with other licensed individuals as well. It will prove that you have the same knowledge as everyone else around you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Q : What is a Medical Assistant?

A. Medical assistants are medical professionals who support doctors in clinics and practices. They can show you around the exam room, measure your vital signs, and check your height and weight. Medical professionals will interview you and point out your symptoms and health issues. Although medical assistants work directly with physicians, they cannot provide medical advice to patients. Their tasks are limited to collecting information and preparing the doctor and patient for the doctor’s visit.

Q : What do Medical Assistants do?

AMedical assistants often take medical records and are characterized by the patient’s main assistants of administrative and clinical tasks in offices, hospitals, and other health facilities.

Q : Is it hard to be a medical assistant?

AAlthough it takes some hard work, determination, and a lot of focus, getting to the nurse’s office isn’t impossible. Rather, healthcare is one of the easiest routes to a healthcare career. Becoming a Physician Assistant is now easier than ever!

Q : Are medical assistants in demand?

AFrom 2020 to 2030, the number of medical assistants is expected to rise by 18 percent, much faster than the average for all professions.

Q : What things should I know before becoming a medical assistant?

AYour program will help you learn many skills such as CPR, patient care, and patient care, as well as the ability to perform basic medical tasks such as vital injections or injections. You may have acquired other skills through previous work or school experience.

Q: Is medical assistant job different from other health professions?

AThe medical care differs from other health professionals and public health, such as nursing assistants or nurses, in the general education that accompanies them, while nurses relate mainly to patient comfort and nursing homes, focus mainly on the later care of the nurses.