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Medical Technological School in Bangladesh

American Institute of Health Science and Technology (AIHST) is a world-renowned institute for the best medical courses. With our main campus at Herndon Virginia, United States, we have gained world recognition and the trust of our valuable students. AIHST is a State Council of Higher Education For Virginia (SCHEV) certified institute.

Our courses are an excellent choice for students who want to move or migrate to other countries or want to seek better opportunities abroad. Our courses will enable them to find better and more skilled jobs in this sector.

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Whom are our courses for?

Our courses are from any students who are interested in the Medical Sector. Besides, Physicians, Nurses, Technologists, Graduates in health since & EB3/H1 visa holders can benefit from our courses.

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Vascular Ultrasonography
OBST & Gyne Ultrasonography
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Medical Technological School for building skills

A medical technologist is a highly qualified medical professional who examines and analyzes blood, other bodily fluids, and tissue samples. Medical technologists are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment used to analyze samples and ensure that tests are performed correctly and in a timely manner.

Medical technologist training is broader than that of the medical technicians they typically work with. Although medical technologists do not typically interact directly with patients, their work is critical to the proper diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients.

Features of Our Courses

Why choose us?

Medical Technologists have sufficient Knowledge in their respective fields and AIHST Bangladesh makes sure you are completely ready to start your career.

Excellent Education

We provide teaching programs of the highest quality in areas pertaining to health care delivery and rehabilitation. Also, quality education is always our topmost priority for professionals and to become a model for other institutions.

Skill development opportunities

We provide a high rating of personnel working on the provision of medical care and rehabilitation throughout the country, and in the USA. So, we develop highly skilled health care professionals to deliver and improve health care provision and rehabilitation services nationally and internationally

Professional Certification

Our courses are certified and our teachers are very professional and well trained. Above all, our students mean the most to us. You can receive a professional certificate and start your career in just 3 months!

Medical Technological School

In the hospital, medical technologists are like crew members in a play. Patients don’t see them often, but they are important members of the healthcare team. Medical technicians (also known as clinical laboratory scientists) are professionals who work in the hospital. A laboratory that performs a variety of tests.

Doctors make many of their decisions about diagnosing and treating diseases based on the results of laboratory tests. It is the responsibility of the medical technician to provide accurate and accurate data. With life and death at stake, the medical technician needs to know when the results are wrong and need to be re-verified.

Medical technologists do everything from simple pregnancy tests to monitoring antibiotic therapy to complex tests that reveal diseases like diabetes, AIDS, and cancer. Moreover, They perform all of these tests, operating microscopes, complex electronic devices, computers, and precision instruments that cost millions of dollars.

“AIHST is a world-renowned Medical Technological School, based in the USA and we are now offering our world-class courses in Bangladesh. We have the best teachers and facilities for our valuable students. We ensure and guarantee the quality of the education our students receive.”


Trusted by Students and Tutors

“In only 3 months of time, I have become a successful Medical Assistant and I have found a great job. All thanks to my teachers at American Institute of Health Science and Technology.”
Emma Hart
“The courses are so wonderful, exactly what you would expect from a renowned institute like AIHST. I enjoyed and learned at the same time. Also,It was a great experience.”
Eddie Johnson
“I moved abroad after completing the Phlebotomy Technician course at AIHST Bangladesh. It has helped me catch better jobs here and I’m so thankful I did it."
Jonathan Doe
“I absolutely recommend AIHST Bangladesh’s courses. In conclusion, they’re the best Medical Technological School in Bangladesh.”
Mike Edward

Medical Technology is crucial to save lives

The latest technology in the medical sector assures the maximum life savings solutions in many ways. Moreover, Doctors make many of their decisions about diagnosing and treating diseases based on the results of laboratory tests. So we help our students learn medical technology efficiently and in the most effective way, in the shortest possible time. If you’re looking for a medical-based course that prepares you for a career path that develops skills and experience useful in a variety of employment settings, AIHST Bangladesh may be a good choice for you!
Our courses are the best!
Firstly, Our courses find its rationality to develop adequate numbers of Medical Technologists in Radiology and Imaging to cope with the growing demand and expansion of Radiology and Imaging Diagnostic services. Secondly, they are based in different sectors, such as Phlebotomy, EKG, etc. Thirdly, they meet the requirements of the Medical Technologist ratio in Bangladesh.


Most frequent questions and answers

Medical technologies enable early and precise diagnosis of health problems that facilitate timely
procedures and improve the results.

Medical technicians (also known as clinical laboratory scientists) are professionals who work in
hospital laboratories and perform a variety of tests.

In the Medical Technology field, Medical Technologists perform different types of examinations of the Human body. Including collecting blood from patients, along with preparing the samples for testing and other huge numbers of examinations.

Medical technology is a fun yet very productive and challenging field. With more and more experience, the salary increases gradually. Hence there are good chances of improvement and advancement in this sector.

Medical technologists complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.