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ARDMS exam preparation through the Ultrasound Institute in Bangladesh. Take an ARDMS Examination Online Test Preparation from AIHST Institute.

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ARDMS in Bangladesh - Ultrasound Institute

The ARDMS exam is a internationally recognized certification offering ultrasound and vascular technology credentials. ARMDS provides four disciplines and 13 specialties. And we are pleased to announce that AIHST is now offering ARDMS Exam Preparation in Dhaka.
– The ARDMS certification is highly sought-after by ultrasound technicians and is even required by some employers. The certification tests are challenging, with sometimes 50 per cent failure rates. Planning and intense study are essential to passing the exam and earning the ARDMS certification.

How to prepare for your ARDMS exam

Sonography is an essential and growing medical profession that uses ultrasound equipment and technology to diagnose and treat medical problems. Visit the ARDMS website ( and review the ARDMS testing methodology.

Learn how the test is structured (multiple choice, stored on a PC, etc. See how many questions are being asked about your specialization and how many minutes it takes you to answer them.

Start your studies and review the material a few weeks before the exam. Establish a specific program of study, write it down, and stick to it.

To ensure you master the material for the ultrasound equipment and clinical knowledge test, review the equipment used to create ultrasound images, using texts, flashcards and mock tests. Consider purchasing the ARDMS practice exam for your major, to familiarize yourself with the type of questions that will be included in the official exam.

There are many of these courses that cover the specific material that is offered for the ARDMS tests. Some classes have a money-back guarantee.

What do you need to know before sitting for the ARDMS exam?

Know exactly where and when the exam will take place. Eat lightly before you arrive and keep fluid intake to a minimum.

Arrive early for the exam. As you wait for the test to begin, be confident: you’ve studied hard and know the stuff. Approach the exam with a “Go for it!” attitude.

To ensure you understand precisely what is being asked, read each question twice before attempting it. Read all possible explanations before registering your choice.

Pay attention to the passage of time.

 If there are 120 questions and you have 120 minutes for the test, you have about one minute per question. Check where you are in 20-minute time slices. If you are behind at time controls, increase the pace.

Answer the questions as you find them.

 If you’re unsure about an answer, double-check it so you can return to it later when you have time. Answer all questions – unanswered questions will be counted as wrong.

Please delete the known incorrect answers if you are unsure of the solution. (Instead of guessing from five responses, you may only have to think from two answers, increasing your odds of getting a correct answer from 1 in 5 to 1 in 2. Remember that there are four possible answers to a question. If there are five, four of them are wrong.

ARDMS Exam Format

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The questions on the Principles and Instruments of Ultrasound exam are divided into percentage-weighted topics based on knowledge of patient care and assessment and the use of ultrasound instruments. Topics specifically covered, in order of importance in the overall test percentage, are:

  • Pulse-echo instrumentation (30%)
  • Physical principles (20%)
  • Ultrasonic transducers (20%)
  • Hemodynamics and Doppler instrumentation (20%)
  • QA/QC equipment (5%)

Suppose you want to get the ARDMS exam result. In that case, you deserve to stop worrying about whether your ARDMS test result is good enough and beat the test game so you can become a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS). This is possibly the most crucial message. Our ARDMS exam course is designed by our exam experts who have thoroughly researched the topics and concepts you need to know to master the exam.

The research highlights the specific content areas and essential skills that you will need to know about the ARDMS exam is crucial. 

What are the ARDMS Certification Exam conditions?

 Applicants must meet many of the ARDMS conditions to receive a certificate. For example, requirement #1 is the completion of a two-year Bachelor of Health degree plus 12 months of clinical experience. Prerequisite #2 for the ARDMS examination is the completion of diagnostic medical sonography or ultrasound degree from a CAAHEP or CMA accredited school.

ARDMS exam preparation: Ultrasound Institute

AIHSTBD is glad to inform you that we offer ARDMS exam preparation in Bangladesh.

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Be confident and stay focused!

Write down your best answer and move on to the next question. Don’t waste too much time doubting yourself.

Your first answer is usually the best. Periodically look away from the screen, sit back, and take four or five deep breaths to clear your mind, ease up tight posture, and ensure you know the subject and are doing it right. Return to the screen with renewed focus and confidence.

Remember, Only a 75 per cent score is required to pass the exam. You can get 30 questions wrong out of 120 and still pass the exam.

The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) is a world-recognized awarding organisation for ultrasound certifications.

You must complete an exam covering the relevant material to earn certification. Preparation for the exam includes studying the material, following the application process, and meeting any additional requirements. Each organization that manages certificates has its needs, expectations, and costs, which are explained below—network directly with colleges and universities.